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  • FKM Copolymer Gum

    Contact NowFKM Copolymer GumFKM-HF2600 is copolymer of HFP and VDF. Normally it is white or light yellow translucent elastomer whose fluorine content is over 66%. After vulcanizing process, FKM products have excellent mechanical performance, outstanding anti oil property (fuel oil, synthesis oil, lubricating oil) and high...Read More

  • FKM Compound

    Contact NowFKM CompoundRead More

  • FKM Precompound

    Contact NowFKM PrecompoundTypical properties (Note: not for specification purpose) Gumstock properties Rheological Properties (moving die rheometer, 177oC, 6 min.) Physical properties of vulcanizat e Main grades and Applications HF-A361C: Excellent mold flow, good metal bonding and scorch safety Improved mold release,...Read More

  • FKM Powder

    Contact NowFKM PowderFKM Powder Powder FKM is one kind of Fluoroelastomer with shape of powder, it could be used as processing agent of engineering plastic like HDPE, LLDPE and PP, in order to improve processing performance. Characteristics of FKM Powder Remove or reduce the surface defect (like fracture of...Read More

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