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PTFE Micropowder For Advanced Grease

Source: | Updated: Nov 02, 2016

I plant the production of dispersed PTFE powder. The average particle size is less than 2μm, the specific surface is more than 10m2 / g, the friction coefficient is 0.06 to 0.07, the lubricating property is good and can be well dispersed in many materials. Can be used as plastic, rubber, ink, paint, grease anti-sticking, anti-friction, flame retardant additives can also be made of dry lubricant aerosol.

PTFE ultrafine powder is very important than the surface area of ultrafine PTFE powder surface area of the study and the relevant data report, only the BET method is used to detect the results are true and reliable, as developed at home and abroad The specific surface area measurement standards are based on the BET test method, please refer to (GB.T 19587-2004) - gas adsorption BET principle determination of solid material specific surface area method. Specific surface area of a dedicated test surface area tester, the more mature is the dynamic nitrogen adsorption method, the majority of existing domestic equipment can only be directly compared.

Unique performance

PTFE powder product purity 100%, molecular weight below 10,000, the particle size of 0.5-5μm in the PTFE powder series, not only to maintain the original PTFE all the excellent performance, but also has many unique properties:

PTFE Micropowder For Advanced Grease

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