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  • Difluoroethylene
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    Difluoroethylene Product description Vinylidene fluoride (VDF) is normally colorless, nontoxic, and flammable, and has slight smell of ether. It is one of important monomers of fluoro high polymer materials with common gender of olefin, and capable of polymerizing and...Read More
  • 3-Methoxy- Propionate
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    3-Methoxy- Propionate

    MTPME(3-Methoxy- Propionate) Product description 3-Methoxy- Propionate is of colorless and clear liquid, with aroma, inflammability, stable performance, relative non-toxicity, and easy decomposition at high temperature, It is...Read More
  • Hexafluoropropane Qxide
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    Hexafluoropropane Qxide

    Hexafluoropropane Qxide(HFPO) Product description Hexafluoropropane epoxide (HFPO) is colorless and nonflammable gas, and easy to liquefy after being compressed, commonly used as the intermediate of special fluorinated chemicals. Execution standard: Q/0321DYS 002-2012...Read More
  • Perfluorosulfonic Acid Ion-Exchange Resin
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    Perfluorosulfonic Acid Ion-Exchange Resin

    Perfluorosulfonic Acid Ion-Exchange Resin (PFSA) Product description Perfluorosulfonic Acid lon-Exchange Resin is a special polymer, with extraordinary stability and chemical resistance dielectric properties, which are widely used in chlor –alkali industry, proton exchange...Read More
  • Perfluoro-3,6-Dioxa-4-Methyl-7-Octyl Sulfonyl Fluoride
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    Perfluoro-3,6-Dioxa-4-Methyl-7-Octyl Sulfonyl Fluoride

    Fluoride(PSVE) Product description PSVE is of colorless and clear liquid normally, and an important commoner of organic fluorine material, mainly used for introducing functional sulfonic acid group into polymer. Technical Index Physical and Chemical Property Application PSVE...Read More
  • Fluorocarbon Solvent
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    Fluorocarbon Solvent

    Fluorocarbon solvent Product description Fluorocarbon solvent, a perfluorocarbon cyclic ether mixture, is of colorless and clear liquid, without odor, toxicity and inflammability, This product is not soluble in water, but in oxygen-containing organic solvents such as alcohol,...Read More
  • Tetrafluoroethane B-Sultone
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    Tetrafluoroethane B-Sultone

    Tetrafluoroethane β-sultone Product description Tetrafluoroethane β-sultone is of colorless and clear liquid and a special fluorinated fine chemical. Tetrafluoroethane β-sultone industrially produced is a mixture with cyclic structure and linear chain structure, wherein the...Read More
  • Perfluoro-Propyl Vinyl Ether
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    Perfluoro-Propyl Vinyl Ether

    PerfluoroN-Propyl Vinyl Ether Product description PPVE, colorless, and clear liquid, is an important comonomer of organic fluorine material ,and can be used for Execution standard: Q/0321DYS 011-2012 Quality Specification Physical properties Application PPVE is acomonomer of...Read More
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